“Blu Canela” Vase Collection Rosenthal Studio-Line

Category: Products

Winners of the Focus in Silver International design award, Design Centre Stuttgart, IF Design Award.

The vases Blu-Canela are reminiscent of spinning tops. The form is a synthesis of the male and female principles. The vases are manufactured by means of cast moulding. The two smaller vases are stuck on porcelain rods for firing, while the larger vase can only be fired in a chamber kiln.

The silver vases have a further outstanding featured based on extraordinary know-how: they are coated with titanium. This technological process was originally developed for space research and makes the vases much harder than their basic material. The process “metalizes” the ceramic: on the basis of a plasma-vacuum process, it is thinly coated with a special titanium compound at high temperature.

These complex manufacturing processes mean that the Blu-Canela vases are very unusual design objects.