“Bye Bye” Planter Vondom

Client: Vondom (ES)
Category: Products
Material: polyethylene resin
The artist intention: two completely different shapes -an abstract greeting figure at the upper edge and sole geometric at the lower edge- appear side-by-side but never seem to touch each other, thus creating additional interest.

The vertical running line turns the object into an entity in its own right, as if by magic. Its perspective extruded cartoon-like space appearance symbolizes traveling at the speed of light.

The fascination of this vase is harbored in this contrast between simultaneous unity and inner conflict.

Rotational moulding. 100% Recyclable. Self-watering system included. Indoor and outdoor use. Matt and lacquered surface finish. White internally lit unit with LED technology only for matt ice white finish or RGWBW Led, RGBW LED DMX, RGBW LED BATTERY.