“Flux-Bye Bye” Crystal Vases Collection Rosenthal Studio-Line

Category: Products
“The design darling made of fine porcelain is now also available as a beautifully shaped glass vase: very classic in clear, puristic in grey and in modern berry”. Rosnethal.de

The transparent material underlines the lightness and emphasizes the flowing form of the vase, in which flower arrangements of all kinds find their stylish place.

Two completely different shapes appear side-by-side but never seem to touch each other – an abstract greeting figure at the upper edge and rectangular geometric shape at the bottom edge-thus creating additional interest. A vertical running line turns the object into an entity in its own right, as if by magic. Its perspective extruded cartoon like space appearance symbolizes traveling at the speed of light. The fascination of this vase is harbored in this contrast between simultaneous unity and inner conflict.