“Hall01” exhibition New York

Client: Hall01

Large room or building for public gathering; corridor or passage in a building.

Hall 01 is the first of an annually changing exhibition organized by 4 ex-G7 members; Pierre Bouguennec from Boum Design, and Harry&Camila and Marre Morel from Once.

Exhibitions will be held in New York during the ICFF, and Milan during the Salone di Mobili.

Inspired by ‘the hall’ as a public market place for exchange of ideas and goods, the exhibition aims to promote products that are awaiting their final destination with either a manufacturer or private home.

All objects on exhibit will be for sale during exhibition or available to design companies for production.

In reference to HAL (Holland America Line, the transatlantic ocean liner that transported immigrants from all over Europe to America), Hall is set up to show the work of designers from and on both sides of the Atlantic.


This years participants include:

  • Pierre Bouguennec (France)
  • Emmanuel Babled -(France)
  • Harry&Camila -(Holland, Chili)
  • Lavalier -(France)
  • Marre Moerel -(Holland)
  • Julian Pastorino & Cecilia Suarez – (Argentina)
  • Francesco Rota – (Italy)
  • Toda -(USA)
  • Work -(USA)

Sponsored by: City magazine

100 Lafayette Street -LLC & Summit Mortgage Banker’s Inc.

Steven Ng
Place: 100 Lafayette Street
1 block south of Canal, 1 block east of Broadway Subway N, R, 6, J, M, Z to Canal Street

Artist photos: Simone Barberis