“Rest” Chaise Longue Outdoor Collection Kristalia

Category: Products
Frame colors: white-, grey-, black- or green lacquered aluminum
Seating colors: beige-, brown-, anthracite-, black polyester rope or polyester straps

The series consists of a stackable lounge chair with armrests, stackable chaise lounge and bed with wheels.

The “Rest” chaise lounge in outdoor fabric, which can also be used indoors, ideal for decorating a garden or a terrace. The peculiarity of the Rest chair is the coating, highly resistant and unalterable to the most extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, the polyester chords have all been crafted by hand which adds an artistic dimension to the piece, letting it come to life whilst at the same time not overpowering other pieces of furniture: the process of covering a Chaise Lounge

Rest takes patience because it means hand weaving 400 meters of polyester threads. That’s equivalent to one circuit around an athletic field. The colors are sleek and dynamic, further enhancing the versatility of the design.

During those balmy Summer months, many of us choose to do our entertaining outside, so it is very important that one’s chosen garden furniture conveys a sense of style as well as functionality. This resting chair is the ideal outside companion for those who can appreciate a minimalist design scheme, as it features the very highest production values and attention to detail. Made from robust materials (which are guaranteed to hold up against extremes of temperature), the lounge chair features a strapped back, which delicately supports the human body for long lazy days on the veranda, with good company and a couple of drinks.

It is equally suitable for lounging around the pool and will not become slippery on tile, grass or clean decking. The chairs are also designed to be fully stackable so can be packaged away in the garage or shed without taking up too much room. This model is available with or without armrests depending on the user’s requirements and the decadent footstool in matching design is available separately. The struts and frame are made of durable aluminum specially coated with a fine powder to protect the furniture from the elements. Meanwhile the strapping to the back and seat of the resting chair is of a hand finished polyester cord material which maximizes comfort and is very easy to wipe clean.