“Ship Shape” Butter-Dish Alessi

Client: Alessi (IT)
Category: Products
Height: 15.50 cm
Length: 15.50 cm
Width: 8.50. cm
A creative receptacle, coming from the dutch word “Botervloot” meaning butter dish but literally translated boter=butter vloot= fleet; navy; naval forces; warships, it can be used for sauces, butter, jam etc., and the spatula invites use from imaginative consumers with a sweet tooth.

The Alessi Ship Shape Butter Boat is a creative way to serve butter, jams, or sauces. Designed by Harry-Paul and Stefano Giovannoni in 1998, the Ship Shape Boat features a small knife that inserts into the smokestack of the lid. Alessi, known as the Italian design factory, has manufactured household products since 1921, the stylish and fun items offered are the result of contemporary partnerships with some of the world’s best designers of unique and modern home accessories.

Designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Harry-Paul van Ierssel.