“Zofa” Collection Dedon

Client: Dedon (DE)
Category: Products
Good Design Award 2008
Following the principle of modularization, the individual ZOFA components match each other. They can be combined in different arrangements to form a whole, exchanged with other elements, or complemented by adding components. To accomplish this, the Zofa design uses a uniform language of shapes and maximum compatibility. Regardless of the combination of colours and modules, this creates an always new and coherent interior design.

Manifested in a dynamic environment determined by the poles of art and function generous and clear design creates a collection of urban identity that surrounds us day after day: Zofa, the perfect, vivid, and precise interplay of primary shapes. Levitating elements overcome the basic architectonic principle of bearing and supporting functions and, owing to their lightness, reveal an entirely new interpretation of architectural- theoretical duality.The generously proportioned elements’ spacious character creates an environment encouraging people to linger, relax and become active.

Zofa is the interplay and unity of its elements. Composed in a straightforward modular system, elements may be removed , modified, and added without jeopardising the harmony of the whole- the reduced colours and shapes generate a skyline that is newly created every time. What is characteristic of the urban design is the spacious depth of inviting seating areas, the perfect execution and reduction to the essential design elements. Zofa stands in the pulsating rhythm of the big city- a generous, powerful and urban furniture collection.

The ZOFA Lounge Chair XXL is the perfect, vivid, and precise interplay of primary shapes. Free-floating elements overcome the basic architectonic principle of bear ing and supporting functions.

With ZOFA, designer Harry-Paul demonstrates the juxtaposition of art and function. The result is a collection of urban identity, embodied by modularity and floating seats. An exciting sense of effortlessness that surrounds us day after day.

While starting this project for Dedon and analysing the market and its competitors, the designer asked himself why most of the outdoor furniture available looked like real outdoor. As we are changing our habits and bringing more and more time outside read garden or leisure, he came to the logical conclusion to why not bring the feeling of the place where we spend most of time with friends and family indoor, the living room, outdoor and adapt that to the visual outcome of the design proposal…Zofa, light, comfort, generous, floating, arty, timeless….his slogan “to create an indoor feeling for the outdoor” would become the overall philosophy of the company till date.